A brief rundown of a few of our key principles and beliefs, and how we hope they will help guide us. We hope that in sharing some of these we can help to attract the kind of customer base who shares in these beliefs.

The things we do in small spaces matters for the big spaces. We believe in growing organically and regeneratively, or creating our small farm in such a way that we can begin to heal the damage done to the land and the community over the past several decades and centuries.

Creativity is what fuels the mind and brings joy to life. In the space of this farm, that brings opportunity for us to be creative with flowers, with words, with space here on the farm, and with our communication.

Community is the key to happiness. We are committed to being a friendly, kind, generous addition to our Midcoast Maine community.

Everyone deserves to be happy, healthy, and paid a fair and comfortable living wage and to live and work with a reasonable and fair work/life balance.

Beauty, and floral beauty in particular, is for everyone.

Black Lives Matter.

Kindness isn’t just our way, it is the only way.

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