Buckets of Blooms for Weddings and Events

DIY flower buckets are perfect for special occasions. Whether it is a bridal shower, baby shower, conference, a wedding, rehearsal dinner, or anything in between our blooms can hep elevate your event and provide just that right touch. We can provide both flowers and foliage, and always choose the best of the blooms we have at the time. Because of this, specific color palettes cannot be guaranteed, but we always have a wide array of blooms available throughout our growing season which runs from July to early October.

If you are specifically looking for peonies, we offer peony buckets of mixed peonies (pink, white, and red) when our peonies bloom. This is roughly the first 3 weeks of June here in Midcoast Maine, but it can vary according to the moods of Mother Nature. If you would like all one color, please reach out in advance to place your request. We do our best to accommodate these, but there are a limited number of buckets available and this is a first come, first served option.

If you have a specific color palette in mind, reach out as soon as possible. In certain instances we can even add things to our grow list. However, nothing can be guaranteed as we grow organically, and regeneratively, and Mother Nature will always be the deciding factor of what what flourishes on our farm at any given time. 

In general, our buckets will offer between 60-100 stems. I typically use between 10-20 blooms per one quart mason jar. The size of your vessel (mason jar, bud vase, larger vase) will determine how far each bucket will go, as will your design style, ie, how full or loose you want to fill your vessels.

Interested in bulk buckets of tulips, lilacs, or daffodils? These are typically available from March through May, weather depending. These are priced separately but we are happy to accommodate requests for these when we can. Just email us!

Often couples would like the bouquets to be made for them and then to do the other flowers as DIY buckets. This option is available – reach out for more information and read this page if you think this is something you would like!

Interested in a bouquet bar and workshop to add on to your DIY buckets? We are happy to offer a bridal party design bar, with or without a champagne brunch here at our farm. Click here for more details!

Bucket Options (We have a 2 bucket Minimum):

  • Grower’s Choice Mixed Bucket (Focal, Filler, and Foliage): $125
  • Curated Bucket with a Specific Color Palette (ie Bright, Boho and Peachy, Rustic Fall colors, or blush and muted): $150
  • Curated Bucket (all white/blush): $150
  • Curated Bucket (All Focal Flowers): $200
  • Curated Bucket (All Filler Flowers): $100
  • Curated Foliage/Textural (Yarrow, Ninebark, Mint, Basil, etc): $100
  • Bucket of 50 Mixed Peony Stems (bloom time approximately early June): $250

Optional Add-Ons:

  • 30 additional stems of premium focal flowers such as roses, dahlias, sunflowers, lisianthus, etc: $200
  • 10 Stem Straight Bunches – if you just need a few extra stems for an additional arrangement, we can do a la carte add ons. Pricing varies.
  • Galvanized Metal Vases: Price Determined by Quantity
  • Bud Vases: Price varies according to selection
  • Mason Jars, with our without our logo stickers: Price determined by Quantity

Important info:

  • Availability is subject to weather conditions, but buckets are generally available from July through early October.
  • Please reserve your buckets at least 1 month in advance, though the sooner the better so our farm can plan to have enough premium local and organic blooms for your event and our other clients as well. Bookings less than a month in advance can be considered on a case-by-case basis, but choices will be more limited.
  • A 50% deposit is required to reserve your flowers. Final payment is due at pickup.
  • We require a two bucket minimum order, except for peony buckets.
  • There is a $5 bucket charge for each bucket.

A Sample of What Might be Available in a Given Month (Subject to Change and Weather Dependent):

  • June: Peonies, Zinnias, Larkspur, Stock, Godetia, Nigella, Lilies, Bachelors Buttons, Snapdragons, Sweet William, Bupleurum, Feverfew, Foxglove, Bells of Ireland, Roses, Cosmos
  • July: Sunflowers, Zinnias, Lilies, Snapdragons, Rudbeckia, Celosia, Feverfew, Strawflower, Gladiolus, Roses, Foxglove, Nicotiana, Scabiosa, Cosmos
  • August: Sunflowers, Lisianthus, Zinnias, Asters, Rudbeckia, Celosia, Strawflower, Dahlias, Gomphrena, Roses, Amaranth, Nicotiana, Scabiosa, Cosmos
  • September: Sunflowers, Dahlias, Zinnias, Rudbeckia, Celosia, Gomphrena, Strawflower, Amaranth, Asters, Sedum, Scabiosa, Cosmos