A variety of options to get local, sustainable, organic seasonal flowers into your hands!

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. You may be familiar with this on the fruits and vegetables side of agriculture. As a CSA member, you are “buying a share” of the season by making an advance payment which supports the start-up costs for our season. Thus, you get to experience with us a bit of the wins and a bit of the losses. We grow in concert with Mother Nature, and ultimately it is up to her what blooms and thrives and what suffers and dies. When you buy and advance share, you get to follow along on our journey. You’ll also receive weekly emails from us giving you the insider’s view of what things look like on the farm, what’s blocking, what’s about to bloom, what the invasive pests we all have a hate-hate relationship with destroyed, and so on.

As a flower club member, you are there with us through thick and thin, bounty and ruin. Of course, usually we have blooms of all kinds even if the Japanese Beetles devour our roses. In the event of a hurricane, tornado, flood, drought, or other natural disaster though we may experience a total crop loss. The risk is there, but these things are, thankfully, rare. In a typical year, though, we have a wide variety of blooms from May through September, and sometimes even October depending on when Frostmas (as we flower farmers call it), or that first Fall frost, hits.

We invite you to join us for our next growing season!

How is a Flower Club different from a CSA?

It isn’t really! At Sea Salt Blooms we really want to have a community focus. Thus, when you sign up for one of our Flower Club options you also get early access to some on farm events, the option to join us for a farm tour, a flower arranging workshop, a seed starting workshop, and more. You also get a $25 discount on a private tour and Mason Jar flower arranging class, or a Flower Bar event.

Pick ups for all flower club options will be on Thursdays from 9am to 7pm at our farm in Warren. Unfortunately, because we harvest for the freshest flowers at that time, we cannot alter this pickup date and time. If you cannot make that day and time, you can have someone else collect your flowers for you, gift your bouquet that week to someone else, or let us know that you would like us to donate your bouquet that week and we will be happy to do it.

Inclusivity and Local Flowers

We also offer an option to sign up for a share of our main season on a sliding scale. Beautiful flowers shouldn’t be out of reach for everyone. We have a no questions asked option for this, and we also have an option to help fund flowers for this sliding scale option as well.

For more information about our farm and our guiding principles, click here.

Specailty Tulip Club

This year we are planting a wide variety of specialty tulips, from frilly ones to peony like double tulips, in bright colors and soft colors. By signing up for a tulip share you will get a large 24 stem bouquet of our freshest specialty tulips for 3 weeks in a row. This is roughly the first 3 weeks in May, but bloom time varies. Pick up on farm in Warren, ME, or some delivery options available.

Cost: $120

All Season Flower Bloom Club:

Our regular growing season runs from the beginning of July to the end of September. That’s 12 weeks of blooms! We offer small and large bouquets. While we can’t guarantee what will be in bloom in any given week we can say we grow a large variety of flowers, from over 500 different varieties of peonies, to over 400 dahlias, to specialty sunflowers, lisianthus, rudbeckia, roses, zinnias and more. Each week your bouquet will feature a variety of the freshest most seasonal blooms on the farm. Color palettes will thus vary, but then, the way the colors change through the seasons is part of the fun isn’t it?

Small bouquets have an average of 10-12 stems, and large bouquets have 20ish depending on what is in season (ie, this is a fuller bouquet and some flowers are just bigger so we aim to make it lush without overstuffing).

Small Flower Club Bouquet: $300
Large Flower Club Bouquet: $600

July Only Flower Club:

Small Bouquet: $100
Large bouquet: $200

August Only Flower Club:

Small Bouquet: $100
Large Bouquet: $200

September Only Flower Club:

Small Bouquet: $100
Large Bouquet: $200

Monthly Flower Club Bouquet:

Just want to sample one bouquet a month? This option is for you! The first week of each month you can pick up a bouquet of the size of your choosing. This option does not include tulip or peony options. This option is for one bouquet of your size choosing in July, August, and September.

Small Bouquet: $75
Large Bouquet: $150

May to September:

No, this isn’t a reference to a bad romance, it’s an option to sign up for weekly flowers all the way through the season. In the flower world here in Maine there’s a bit of a gap in June between when the peonies end and when the rest of the annuals and perennials begin producing. With this option, whenever we have flowers, you get flowers. This is for a large bouquet or mason jar arrangement each week from the first week of May to the end of September, roughly 20 weeks.

Cost: $1000

Sliding Scale Flower Share:

Can’t afford one of the options above but want seasonal bouquets? Or want to donate a share to help fund the sliding scale accessibility? Click here to check out.


Can I buy this as a gift?

Yes. However, it is your responsibility to communicate the terms of the Club to the recipient and to make sure they contact us to get added to the email list.

Can I switch midseason?

Our flower clubs typically sell out. If they are still available you’d be welcome to switch it up, however, you could also choose an a la cart add on to supplement your weekly club share here.

Can I get my bouquet delivered?

Yes, we offer delivery to Rockland, Camden, Rockport, Thomason, Lincolnville, and Waldoboro. Also, we are working on adding in some more local pick up options in Rockport and Camden, and if that is appealing to you send us an email and let us know.

Can I buy more than one share?

Yes of course! Our Club Members often buy a tulip share and a seasonal share or other combinations.

I’m interested in the Club discounts you mentioned. How can I find out more?

Absolutely! We send info out to our club members after they sign up, and then when each option goes live, but you can find a bit more info on the events we offer here. Please note that page gets updated regularly throughout the season.